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Vitamin D and Lockdown, 25 May 2020

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather despite the strange times we are living in. In the shop we sell an easily digestible high dose Vitamin D3 in tablet or capsule form, 60 in foil pouches. These can be delivered with your orders, or posted along with any of our others supplements. Please ask for further information if interested. It seems strange to be talking about the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, when the sun is shining. Normally many of us get it by spending time outside. Our skin makes it when exposed to the sun but because of lockdown
some of us have been deprived of Vitamin D especially if we haven't been out much, live in a care home, usually wear clothes that cover up most of our skin when outside or have dark skin. Public Health England recommend taking Vitamin D throughout the year if you fall into the above categories. Here is an interesting article called Coronavirus: Should I start taking Vitamin D?