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More eco friendly products - 13 January 2020

This is our first blog of 2020! Happy New Year! In the shop we are still reducing our use of plastic and expanding our range of eco friendly cleaning and personal care products. To our range we're adding dental floss made from 100% renewable resources and plant based packaging. See our Facebook page for a photo of some of the products.

Happy New Year - 29 December 2019

Christmas is over and it's nearly 2020! What will the New Year have in store for us? What are our New Year resolutions going to be? Trying to reduce our devastating impact on the planet? We all do a little bit by buying organic. In the shop we are drastically cutting back on our use of plastic. Sensibly reducing our consumption of meat, fish and dairy produce? January is Veganuary and we have  good selection of Vegan products: smoked tofu, jack fruit, cheese alternatives, nut roast mix, clives frozen pies, soya mince.


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