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This week's price guide for Organic Fruit & Vegetables and Fish & Meat availability

We are struggling to obtain all the produce at this difficult time

31 March 2020 11:07 BST

Fresh vegetables

Avocado Spain £1.90 each Lettuce Little gem 2pk Spain £2.50 /pkt
Beetroot cooked Holland £1.45 /pkt Mushroom Chestnut UK £0.70 /100g
Broccoli Spain £4.90 /kg Mushroom Portobello UK £0.80 /100g
Butternut Squash Argentina £3.50 /kg Onion UK £1.90 /kg
Butternut squash Spain £2.90 /kg Onion red Netherlands £3.50 /kg
Cabbage pointed Spain £3.90 each Parsnip washed Holland £3.99 /kg
Cabbage red Holland £3.50 each Pepper red Spain
Carrot washed UK £2.00 /kg Pepper Romano (2 pack) Spain £3.99 /pkt
Cauliflower UK £2.50 each Potato Alouette (red skinned) UK/Local £1.50 /kg
Celery Spain £3.50 /head Spinach France £4.90 /250g
Courgette Spain £3.99 /kg Spring Green UK £2.30 /bag
Cucumber lge Spain £2.50 each Spring onion UK £1.90 /bunch
Cucumber lge (half) Spain £1.50 each Sprouting bean (mixed) UK £2.50 /200g
Cucumber mini tba UK Sweet Potato Spain £3.99 /kg
Fennel Italy £4.90 /kg Tomato cherry plum Spain £0.99 /100g
Garlic dried Spain £1.20 /100g Tomato vine Spain £3.00 /500g
Ginger root fresh Peru/China £1.20 /100g Turmeric fresh £2.20 /100g
Leek UK £4.90 /kg

Fresh fruit

Apple Braeburn Italy £3.90 /kg Kiwi (3 for £1.50) Greece
Apple Fiesta UK £3.90 /kg Lemon (small) Spain £0.60 each
Banana DR £2.90 /kg Medjool Date Israel £1.90 /100g
Blood Orange tba Orange Spain £0.50 each
Blueberry Spain £2.99 /pnt Pineapple Costa Rica £4.50 each
Grape seedless red Chile £1.20 /100g Raspberry Spain £2.99 /pnt
Grapefruit ruby tba Spain Strawberry Spain £2.99 /pnt


Salmon fresh UK Smoked salmon UK


Bacon UK Chicken thigh (frozen) UK
Beef mince UK Chicken whole UK
Bones for broth (please order) UK Cooked ham UK
Chicken (frozen) UK Lamb mince (frozen) UK
Chicken breast (frozen) UK Sausages GF & sugar-free (frozen) UK
Chicken drumstick (frozen) UK Tudor Pork (frozen) UK