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This week's price guide for Organic Fruit & Vegetables and Fish & Meat availability

1 August 2020 14:01 BST

Fresh vegetables

Aubergine UK £5.90 /kg Kholrabi UK/Local £1.90 each
Avocado £1.90/£2.20 each Spain Lettuce Little gem 2 pk UK £2.20 /pkt
Beetroot bunched UK/Local £1.90 /bunch Lettuce spray free (large & beautiful) UK/Local £2.00 each
Beetroot cooked Holland £1.45 /pkt Mixed Salad bag spray free UK/Local £2.90 /200g
Broad bean spray-free UK/Local £3.90 /kg Mushroom Chestnut UK £0.90 /100g
Broccoli Holland £5.00 /kg Mushroom Portobello UK £0.90 /100g
Butternut Squash Argentina £3.90 /kg Onion bunched UK/Local £1.90 /bunch
Cabbage pointed UK £2.50 each Onion new season Spain £2.80 /kg
Cabbage red UK/Local £2.20 each Onion red Spain £3.20 /kg
Cabbage Savoy UK/Local £1.90 each Pepper red Spain
Carrot washed new season Italy £2.80 /kg Pepper Romano (2 pack) Spain £2.90 /pkt
Cauliflower UK £3.50 each Potato Marfona UK/Local £2.50 /kg
Celery Spain £2.50 /head Potato New Charlotte UK £3.90 /kg
Courgette Spain £3.90 /kg Spinach & Rainbow Chard spray free UK/Local £0.80 /100g
Cucumber Spain £1.90 each Spring onion UK £1.90 /bunch
Fennel Italy £4.90 /kg Sprouting bean (mixed) UK £2.50 /200g
French bean 225g UK £3.20 Sweet Potato Spain £3.50 /500g
Fresh herbs Coriander/Parsley UK £2.90 /pkt Tender stem broccoli UK £3.90 /235g
Garlic dried Spain £1.60 /100g Tomato mini plum Isle of Wight £0.85 /100g
Ginger root fresh Peru/China £1.20 /100g Tomato vine Holland £5.50 /kg
Kale/Spinach UK/Local £1.90 /200g Turmeric fresh £2.20 /100g

Fresh fruit

Apple Cripps Pink £4.50 /kg Medjool Date USA £1.90 /100g
Apple Royal Gala Italy £4.50 /kg Melon Galia Spain £3.50 each
Banana DR £2.90 /kg Nectarine yellow flesh Spain £0.85 each
Cherry UK £1.50 /100g Orange SA £0.80 each
Grape red seedless Spain £0.80 /100g Peach flat white - delicious! Spain £0.90 each
Grapefruit ruby SA £1.90 each Pear Guyot small France £4.50 /kg
Kiwi Italy £0.60 each Pineapple Costa Rica £4.50 each
Lemon 70p - £1.50 Spain each Raspberry spray free UK/Local £2.50 /pnt
Lime Mexico £0.90 each Water Melon Spain £3.50 each


Salmon fillet (frozen) UK Salmon smoked UK


Bacon UK Chicken drumstick (frozen) UK
Beef mince UK Chicken thigh (frozen) UK
Beef mince (frozen) UK Chicken whole (frozen) UK
Belly pork (frozen) UK Lamb mince UK
Chicken (frozen) UK Minced lamb (frozen) UK
Chicken breast (frozen) UK Sausages GF & sugar-free (frozen) UK