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Easter in the shop, 7 April 2020

Hope everyone's staying safe and well.
It's Easter this weekend but we are carrying on as usual with the shop activities except for Easter Monday when we will be closed.
On Easter Saturday the shop will be open for face-to-face customers (one at at a time, 2 metres/ 6ft apart) 10-4.
We will be closed on Easter Monday but the rest of the time we will be taking orders by email which can be picked up from outside the shop and preferably paid for by bank transfer or we can bring the card machine to the door.
We will still be making home deliveries on Thurs, Fri and Sat. Minimum order of £20 plus a delivery charge. Please pay by bank transfer if possible, if not by card over the phone.

We need your orders in on a Saturday especially for milk, bread, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry so that we know what to order from the wholesalers.
Please note that if you want bread we order it on a Tuesday and it's delivered the following Tuesday.