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Summer fruits, 5 July 2021

After easing of lockdown there are a few national and international summer sporting events to watch on the TV. If you're a tennis fan it's week two of Wimbledon. Unfortunately we haven't any strawberries in the shop but lots of delicious galia and water melons, cherries and raspberries! You could also eat them watching football, cricket or the Tour de France! See our price guide for a full list of what is available this week. For the gardeners we still have a few bags of organic compost which can be delivered with your food order.
During the summer months people often suffer with hay fever and a lot of customers are finding our health product Benjaloka really keeps symptoms under control.
Sneezing is not normally a symptom of Covid-19 and is much more likely to be a sign of a regular cold or allergy. See the King's College/ Zoe symptom study for more details.

Finally we are enjoying the floral displays in Eastgate Square - see our Facebook page for photos.
Keep safe and have a good week.