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Gas pipe replacement in Pickering, 23 May 2021

For those customers trying to access the shop we must apologise because there are long delays in Pickering at the roundabout junction of A170/ A169. For this week we are offering free deliveries in the area on orders over £15. We will deliver your order very early in the morning and leave it on your doorstep or in a safe place. Please see this week's price guide for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat availability. These gas replacement works will be completed by the bank holiday weekend.
We are still selling 40 litre bags of West Riding Morland Gold organic composts: seed  & cutting, potting & container £9.23, multi purpose £8.89. We can deliver - see our delivery page for details.
Please note that the shop will be closed bank holiday Monday 31 May.
Keep safe and have a good week.