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Pumpkins, 19 October 2020

As more and more areas in the country are having stricter covid measures applied to them we still need to be planning ahead even though we don't know who we'll be able to have for Christmas!
Half-term is coming up and it's Halloween in 2 weeks. There won't be any trick and treating to the relief of some of us but the lady who came up with the rainbows for the NHS is suggesting that we put a lighted pumpkin in the window and when families walk past the parents can give their children a treat!
We have some pumpkins coming in on Wednesday so start planning your faces and finding recipes for soup and pumpkin pie! Click here to see this week's fruit, vegetable, meat and fish price guide.
Half term/ end of October is also the time my sister (stuck in Tier 2) makes her Christmas cake. We have all the ingredients so prepare to bake!
Have a good week.