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Sport and graduation ceremonies - 15 July 2019

Well what a sporty fortnight with the tennis and cricket! It's also been busy for me. I apologise for closing the shop on Tuesday afternoon but I had to dash over to Hull to see my youngest son graduate with a 1st class honours degree! Lots of young people will be leaving school now and awaiting exams results before moving on to the next stage of their lives. We wish them all the best.

We've got a lot of local produce in the shop - organic: bunched beetroot, broccoli, kale, spring greens, spinach; and spray free lettuces.

See our latest organic fruit and vegetable guide for details. In the fish/meat department we have organic: smoked salmon, smoked kipper fillets; minced lamb and bacon. We also have organic buffalo mozzarella.
Please see our facebook page for details of our new environmentally friendly products including bamboo socks, soap bars and toilet rolls without plastic wrapping.

Have a good week!

PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will
endeavour to deliver it - see our deliveries page for details.