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This week's price guide for Organic Fruit & Vegetables and Fish & Meat availability

16 December 2018 11:26

Fresh vegetables

Aubergine Spain £6.80 /kg Herbs fresh: coriander, mint, parsley UK £2.90 /pkt
Avocado Spain £1.90 each Kale UK/Local £0.80 /100g
Baking potato (washed) UK £1.70 /kg Leek UK/Local £3.90 /kg
Beetroot UK/Local £1.90 /kg Lettuce (Batavia) France £2.90 each
Beetroot cooked Holland £1.29 /pkt Mushroom Chestnut UK £0.95 /100g
Broccoli Spain £3.30 /500g Mushroom Portobello UK £0.99 /100g
Brussel Sprout UK/Local £3.00 /kg Onion UK/Holland £2.20 /kg
Butternut squash Spain £2.99 /kg Onion red Holland £2.90 /kg
Cabbage (pink pointed) large UK £1.90 each Parsnips (unwashed) UK/Local £2.00 /kg
Cabbage red & white UK/Local £2.00 each Pepper red Spain £1.70 each
Cabbage Savoy UK/Local £1.20 each Pepper Romano (2) Spain £2.90 /pkt
Carrot unwashed UK/Local £1.50 /kg Potato Arran Victory - excellent for roasting UK £1.70 /kg
Cauliflower (large) UK £3.50 each Potato Desiree UK/Local £1.50 /kg
Cavalo Nero UK/Local £1.50 /bag Potato Desiree/Marfona (12.5 kg) UK/Local £12.90
Celeriac UK/Local £1.50 each Potato Marfona UK/Local £1.40 /kg
Celery Spain £1.80 /head Spinach France £4.50 /bag
Chestnut Portugal £1.20 /100g Squash mixed UK £2.90 /kg
Courgette Spain £4.50 /500g Swede UK/Local £0.99 each
Cucumber Spain £1.90 each Sweet potato Spain £3.90 /kg
Fennel UK/Holland £4.90 /kg Tomato Spain £4.90 /kg
French Bean Egypt £3.90 /pkt Tomato cherry plum on vine Spain £0.99 /100g
Garlic dried Spain £1.20 /100g Tomato on vine Spain £3.50 /500g
Ginger root fresh Peru/China £1.20 /100g Turmeric fresh £2.20 /100g

Fresh fruit

Apple Falstaff UK £4.50 /kg Lemon (lge) SA/Italy £0.90 each
Apple Rajka UK £4.50 /kg Medjool date (loose) Israel £1.90 /100g
Banana DR £2.90 /kg Medjool date (per box) Israel £5.50 /250g
Clementine Spain £3.90 /kg Orange Spain £0.70 each
Clementine (2kg box) Spain £7.00 Pear Comice UK £5.40 /kg
Cranberry (fresh) Canada £3.45 /100g Pineapple Costa Rica £4.50 each
Grape (white) SA £1.50 /100g Quince Spain £3.60 /500g
Grapefruit ruby (small) Spain £1.50 each Walnut (in shell) France £1.50 /100g


Braising steak UK Cooked ham UK
Chicken (whole) UK Minced beef UK
Chicken thigh UK